What is Mental Health First Aid Training?

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help we can give a person experiencing a mental health problem (such as depression, anxiety and psychosis), just as physical first aid is the help given to a person with a physical injury or health problem. The concept of MHFA originated in Australia, and has since been successfully introduced in 16 countries including England (2007), Scotland, Hong Kong, Thailand and the USA.

MHFA England is a Community Interest Company, and is the only provider of instructor training programmes in England. The Royal Society for Public Health accredits the MHFA England instructors training. To read research and evaluations go to www.mhfaengland.org/about-us/mhfa-evaluations.

Mental Health First Aid 2 day Training Course - Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk and England

Beckie is currently not providing Mental Health First Aid training courses.

Experiencing the 2-day MHFA training educates and empowers you so that you are more able and confident to help colleagues, clients, customers, friends and family who may be experiencing mental health issues and help prevent problems getting worse.

An MHFA course will help you to:

  • Recognise early signs of a mental health problem
  • Feel more confident helping someone experiencing a problem
  • Provide help on a first aid basis
  • Help prevent someone from hurting themselves
  • Provide comfort to a person in distress or experiencing mental ill-health
  • Promote recovery and maintenance of positive mental health
  • Guide someone towards appropriate professional support and self-help
  • Help reduce the stigma of mental health problems

The course consists of presentation slides, pair and group learning exercises and video clips. An extensive training manual and a certificate from MHFA England is also provided.

For an outline of the course content “click here” (PDF doc)

Beckie can also deliver the 1-day MHFA Workplace and Half-day introductory MHFA course

Why Mental Health First Aid is important for you, your organisation or business?

“1 in 6 British adults and 1 in 10 British 5-16yr olds will be experiencing a mental health problem at any given time” (ONS)

It is therefore likely that someone we know: friends, colleagues, customers, employees or family members are currently experiencing mental health issues such as depression or anxiety disorders. We often do not spot the signs that someone else, or ourselves are struggling until very late and we know that the earlier a person receives the appropriate help, the less likely they are to develop more serious long term problems.

Training staff members in MHFA in your organisation indicates that you take your employees and clients wellbeing seriously. It can help you:

  • Reduce your sickness, absenteeism and presenteeism levels
  • Improve your productivity, recruitment and retention
  • Improve the outcomes for those returning to work
  • Fulfil your legal responsibilities including those under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Management of Safety at Work Act 1999 and the Equality Act 2010


Youth Mental Health First Aid

The Youth Mental Health First Aid 2-day course was launched by MHFA England in 2010. It is aimed at people working with, teaching, caring for or living with young people (aged 11-18), such as those working in youth services, education, primary care, voluntary and community agencies, parents and carers. This is an important new course (with the same aims as MHFA), especially as it is widely accepted that the earlier someone accesses appropriate help, the less likely they are to develop long term mental health problems. It teaches participants to recognise signs of emerging mental health and emotional problems in young people and how to support and guide the person to appropriate professional support and self help.

For an outline of the course content “click here” (PDF doc)

Catalyst East Anglia is one of the first providers of the 2 day YMHFA course in the country. Beckie Davies is also a member of the MHFA England National Training Team (Youth), training people to become instructors in YMHFA. For upcoming courses see HOME page. Please contact to book a course for your organisation.

(www.mhfaengland.org for more information on MHFA and details of the instructor course).

MHFA Links

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the MHFA England website


visit the Australian MHFA site for

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including a web resource for line managers


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work-related health, safety and illness


promotes awareness of mental health at

work and provides support for

businesses in recruiting and retaining staff


How much does it cost?

MHFA England recommends £175-£275 per person for the 2-day course.

This includes an extensive training manual, and a certificate from MHFA England.

The prices offered by Catalyst East Anglia will vary depending on the number of courses or places requested and whether the venue and refreshments are provided.

Concessionary rates are also available for voluntary and charitable organisations and for individuals on a low income.


Please contact: to discuss rates, book a course, find details of future course dates, or to arrange a short presentation on either of the MHFA courses “click here”.