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"Having recently co-led the MBSR Mindfulness residential retreat format, I can definitely vouch for Beckie’s ability to transmit the material in a creative and authentic way. So, you can feel confident that you will be in good, safe hands".

Bodhin Philip Woodward BScMBSR Senior Teacher and Trainer, Mindfulness Supervisor

"I have just spent a fabulous, relaxing, peaceful 6 days at a Mindfulness retreat in Spain where Beckie was one of the teachers. Beckie has a lovely, calming nature and I really enjoyed her workshops – very informative, and in particular her evening meditations with her lovely, soothing voice. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to join her Mindfulness Retreats/Workshops".   Angela - Scotland

"Thank you for your gentleness of spirit and your warm encouragement of my own flowering. What a kind and beautiful presence you have been on this journey! I have especially appreciated when you speak from your own personal experiences and stories. You truly have a gift to give to the world. With my respect and gratitude".  Joanne - U.S

"I experienced you as a VERY AUTHENTIC, playful, courageous and lovely natured person. Your teaching was concise but got to the depth of what was needed to help us to grasp the subtleties of Mindfulness. Big Hugs!"  Mariella – Malta

"I really enjoyed your style of teaching. You have a wonderful calm way of speaking and explaining things and of course it was lovely to listen to your meditation guiding. I guess the most important part about being a great MBSR teacher, besides the professional skills/competence is authenticity and passion – which you already possess and radiate!"   Antonia – Germany

"Thank you for your calm, sincerity and kindness which shone when leading the mindfulness sessions. I was very moved by that – you are leading by example".   Sophie – France

"Thank you Beckie. You have the perfect voice to listen to when one wants to just let go. Not just for the meditation (which is magical), but the sense of calm and sincerity that accompanies your workshops is a joy to behold. Your presentations are clear, precise and well-paced. And I could listen to your poetry reading all day!"  Ken - Ireland

"Beckie did a wonderful job as out teacher and is a very kind and compassionate soul. I’d definitely recommend a workshop with her".  Amy – U.S

"Beckie is a very friendly, kind and calm person. Takes time to explain the information very well, has a very pleasant voice for meditation sessions".  Menno – Netherlands

"I met Beckie on a mindfulness and yoga retreat in Spain where she was one of the Mindfulness teachers. I experienced her guided meditations, during Mindfulness workshops and in private conversations. Her guiding instructions have always been very clear, her explanations very insightful and our conversations have been extremely interesting and helpful. She has been instrumental in furthering my understanding of Mindfulness practices and I can most cordially recommend Beckie to anyone interested in Mindfulness". Andre- Sweden

"Beckie’s calming presence and soothing guidance is a dream for anyone, and especially anyone new to mindfulness meditation".  Krystal – Germany

"Beckie is a creative, caring and supportive teacher and I love her voice when she is leading meditations". Christina – Germany

Mental Health First Aid Courses

"I really enjoyed the course. It was informative, enlightening and has improved my confidence in  approaching and dealing with mental health issues both for myself and the clients I work with" Sue, Environmental Health Officer


The course provided a valuable insight into mental health. It was delivered be Beckie in a sensitive, informative and professional way.It has made me more aware of my own mental health and wellbeing, and that of others. I shall use many of the principles I learned on the course in my job and personal life also\". Tracey, Local Government Officer.


"I attended the first MHFA course at the UEA and it was one of the best things I have done.  It made me realise how much we focus on our physical wellbeing and tend to neglect our mental health. As well as helping me understand more fully about mental health, banishing any preconceptions I may have had, I now understand the importance of raising awareness, as a mental health crisis could affect any one at any time and could be avoided through early intervention.  I would recommend this course to everyone”.  Nicky Davies PA to Equality and Diversity Manager UEA

“Beckie is a really engaging facilitator, and is able to make potentially difficult topics easy to discuss. Beckie encourages you to consider your own mental health in an open and unthreatening way, which helped me to understand the subject better. Her experience and knowledge of mental health topics is inspiring and really interesting, and I have recommended the Mental Health First Aid course to all of my colleagues”. Liz Ferguson, Outreach Co-ordinator, UEA.

“For the first time in my life my job has brought me close to people with mental health difficulties.  Before this I could just walk away if I wanted.   I admit I found it difficult, not wanting to upset people or to say the wrong thing.  I realised that I was exhibiting a kind of inner prejudice.  I have always tried to treat people in the same manner regardless of their background and here I was falling over my words and losing my natural approach.  The Mental health First Aid course I took has changed that.  It taught me that people struggle against these problems everyday and appreciate someone to talk with or a relaxed attitude, just like everyone else.  It also helped me to understand and look out for the signs of the different kind of mental health difficulties that people exhibit.  This has helped me in my job.  I find it much easier to be with, help and to refer on people.  Education really is the best weapon against prejudice (whether internalised or not)”.  Anon (if you don’t mind)

\"An outstanding course delivered engagingly and sensitively. I feel empowered and inspired by it and would highly recommend it to anyone working or living with human beings\" Maddi Cassell, Musician and workshop facilitator

“Beckie is a very professional trainer, with a natural ability to encourage people to express their thoughts and opinions in a relaxed environment.  She has a thorough knowledge of the issues in Mental Health and a very effective way of imparting that knowledge to others.  I would strongly recommend her as a trainer/facilitator and coach”. Lisa-Rose Moller, International Students Career Development Adviser

"An amazing and vital course - brilliantly structured and delivered - thank you!"

“The MHFA course is extremely informative and interesting and helps to breakdown any preconceptions that people may have about someone suffering with a mental health problem. I would recommend the course to anyone, especially those who may be working with vulnerable people. Beckie Davies was a very competent facilitator who is obviously extremely knowledgeable in the area of mental health. She ensured the course was delivered in an interesting way, allowing all participants to actively consider the topics being covered. I would highly recommend Beckie to anyone considering undertaking this training”.
Kat Cresswell, Administration Assistant International Student Advisory Team

“The MHFA course opened my eyes to many issues around mental health.  It also reinforced what I have been doing and gave me new techniques and skills to handle situations where you think someone might have a serious or life-threatening mental health concern.  Beckie Davies made very difficult topics easy to handle and talk about in a relaxed and open way. I would recommend anyone interested in helping others to take this course with Beckie, whether for work or day to day life, you learn a lot and start to understand how you can help”. Paul Hartzler, International Student Advisor, UEA

"Beckie's delivery was exceptional. Her practical examples and examples of phrasing difficult questions have been a great help". Jason Dixon, Project Administrator

"Very informative and enjoyable course, thank you!" Wendy, Refuge Support Worker

“I found the MHFA training invaluable and very accessible. It seems to fill the gap which has never fully been covered in standard first aid courses. The course gives people the ability to deal with complex situations in an efficient and confident manner.  In relation to mental health training I have received elsewhere including within the NHS; this was one of the best I have ever attended. Beckie’s many years of experience in working therapeutically with people with mental health issues really shone through. Beckie’s personable and professional approach made everyone feel comfortable throughout the training. The sessions were well prepared, well presented and have been a massive benefit to our organisation”. Dr. Luke Jefferies
Mental Health & Disability Adviser (Psychologist)

 Youth MHFA courses

“Working with young people is a joy but it can also land you in some difficult spots. This course has given me the confidence to deal with situations where a young person may be in some sort of mental health crisis without going to pieces”. Steve, Voluntary Norfolk Youth Volunteering Development Manager 

"The Youth Mental Health First Aid Course is a "must" for anyone working with young people. Beckie is an amazingly intuitive and empathetic instructor with a vast knowledge of the problems that can befall this age group and I came away with my own confidence greatly boosted" Jennie Hill, House Matron at a co-educational boarding school

"The course has been really insightful and beneficial to my role in school. I will certainly take the skills and resources I have learned/taken from the course and use them. I would recommend anyone working within a supportive role to do this course and will definitely suggest youth mhfa course to my colleagues. Beckie is a fantastic course leader, she was helpful, clear, supportive and the pace/level was correct for the group - she made everyone feel at ease and mixed humour and fun appropriately with course content." Christi Paterson (behaviour and emotional support worker, school). 

"The knowledge and understanding I have gained through beckie's training course will be invaluable to me in the work that I do with young people. Beckie's training style lends itself wonderfully to the subject matter and her experience and knowledge as a mental health practitioner was continually demonstrated throughout the course". Mark Ash, YMCA Nightstop Coordinator and Director of Unique Story Coaching


“I really enjoyed the training and it was delivered exceptionally well considering some of the topics covered were sensitive. By creating young people, it was a way of keeping scenarios real without anyone having to talk about personal experience too much. As a trainer Beckie was relaxed making the environment friendly and safe, this way loads of learning was taking place. This training is a must for anyone working with young people and was among the best courses I have attended”. Emily Lown, Youth Volunteer Development Manager, Voluntary Norfolk.  Norfolk Vinvolved Team.


Training and workshops

“Beckie is an excellent all round trainer who makes learning interesting and fun. She has a wonderful ability to be engaging, calm and empathic. I fully recommend her as a trainer”. Caroline Hounsell, Psychotherapist and Trainer, MHFA England National Training Teams.

“As a facilitator Beckie is informal, friendly and welcoming - she never patronises participants and is understated in the way all best facilitators are. At the same time you feel she has absolute command of the workshop materials, has a wealth of examples at her finger tips and that everything she says is supported by her knowledge of and experience. The breadth of her professional expertise comes through the way she facilitates and follows-up the activities, the examples she gives and the quiet confidence with which she tackles any questions that she is asked. The pace felt so smooth and just right. I would do any workshop with Beckie as I know I would get so much from it”. Anna Magyar – Freelance Academic Researcher


Psychological Therapy

"At times I feel intense feelings of sadness, loss, and insecurity about myself as a person, my future and those around me. Having had CAT therapy with Beckie I am now able to notice and own those feelings, understand where they come from and make choices about how I treat myself. With Beckie's kind, warm nature, thoughtful insights and compassion I felt safe to understand my interactions with others and explore new ways of being. I now feel more able to ask for help when I need it, more honest with others and more able to care for myself when I need to. I will be eternally grateful for this life changing experience. Thank you Beckie."
“I have really valued the time we have spent talking and I have learnt a lot about myself and to be more protective of the positive parts of me that want to fight and get through everything. I have also finally been able to focus on what I want and to be happy with what I achieve rather than worrying about what other people expect from me.”  

"After finding your website, it brought back a lot of memories of my time at university and the help you gave me. I feel like I never really thanked you properly and I am so grateful for your support during that time and the patience you had with me.  I feel like you were a 'catalyst' in my life and really did promote a gradual change in me and my mental well-being. You have a wonderful skill, rapport and non-judgemental attitude which helped me begin that process called recovery! I feel some of the way I am with my clients is modelled on my experience of receiving help from you". Graduated Allied Health Profession Student UEA

At the start I was unsure about undertaking therapy, I felt anxious about opening up difficult feelings and being unable to cope.  At times it was very hard, however ultimately I found the process very uplifting and I feel stronger for having done it.  I found Beckie very professional and supportive, thank you.

Mentoring and Supervision

I feel extremely lucky to have Beckie as my mentor while I am studying for my PhD. She has helped me no end with learning how I can best juggle my medical conditions, paid job and PhD studies. Beckie is extremely knowledgeable in her field and is very understanding. I very much appreciate being able to see her at her home rather than on campus. I like the privacy it provides, as I certainly would not want to see her in a non-confidential space given some of the issues we discuss. I also prefer meeting at her home office as it is comfortable, light and airy, which puts me at ease.

Beckie is a consummate professional, and has always adapted to my schedule, booking me in at mutually convenient times. She has even thought about what we’ve discussed outside of sessions, and has created useful diagrams for me to think about. This along with our regular meetings has been invaluable to my studies and life as a whole. PhD Student


During my undergraduate studies, thanks to the Dean of Students, I was given the opportunity to be paired with a mentor to assist me whilst dealing with periods of anxiety and depression. Having a mentor whom I meet up with regularly has given me a lot of confidence as well as much needed continuity. Through the regular contact with Beckie the anxiety I felt towards university and life in general has eased in the knowledge that there is someone I know and trust whom will help me.

Whilst I have been working alongside Beckie I have been able to successfully apply for DSA (Disabled Students Allowance) which has made a world of difference to my studies and enabled me when I feel too anxious to attend university to continue my studies at home. We have navigated two years of exams together enabling me to get extra breaks and time to be able to function under exam conditions and discussing strategies in order to make the experience of exams manageable and the most productive they can be. As a mentor Beckie is extremely kind, considerate and trustworthy whose main priority is to ensure that you as a person and student are given the right support in order to thrive. The most important thing to Beckie is each individual that she is mentoring and as such that is the focus of each session you have with her. I have found that to build that trust and relaxed atmosphere has been made easier by visiting Beckie at her room on Ketts Hill. I have found that it is made all the more conducive to the trust required by being separate from the university campus and that the room is a safe haven in which I am treated with respect, care, and confidentiality.

It has been a great privilege for me to work with Beckie and have a mentor that actually cares about me. I truly believe that without her support over the last two years of my undergraduate degree I would not have walked across that stage last summer and collected my degree parchment. Neither would I have been in a position to be begin an MA, I am reaching my true potential due in large part to the help and support Beckie has given me and continues to give me as I continue on with my university career.



'Beckie Davies has seen me through my entire degree at UEA. When I first arrived at the University, I was unsure of my abilities and riddled with work-induced anxiety. Through the one-to-one mentoring sessions provided by Beckie in conjunction with the Dean of Students, I learnt a variety of coping strategies, and I am now much more confident in tackling problems encountered in an academic environment. Meeting Beckie off campus has allowed me to explore personal issues in a safe and comfortable setting without fear of being overheard. I am tremendously thankful for the support I have received from Beckie and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking help through the Dean of Students.' PhD Student

'It was an absolute pleasure working with Beckie as my supervisor to provide mental health
mentoring services to students. Among her many personal qualities, Beckie is friendly, caring, understanding, patient and calm. In addition to being a very attentive listener, I found that Beckie regularly offered useful insights and helpful advice with practical suggestions about how to approach situations constructively and effectively.' Pablo Dalby


“I have known Beckie Davies since 2005 years.  For 3 of those years we worked together at the student services department at the University of East Anglia.
I found Beckie to be a conscientious and reliable colleague and fellow team member.  However, her qualities go much further which is why I would like to endorse her and Catalyst East Anglia.
Beckie is concerned about her fellow humans and has the skills and determination to reach people and make a difference in their lives. She has a wealth of training, demonstrating and presenting experience and delivers timely, clear and exciting talks and seminars on a wide range of subjects within the mental health field”. James Dexter, Business owner and former Disability Coordinator at the University of East Anglia.